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Hey there bloggers welcome to my site my name is Jake and I’m 11 almost 12 years old. If you didn’t know Jake is a fake name because at my school were not allowed to give our real name to strangers. I live in Canada even deeper in ,Quebec and even deeper in Candiac. I speak English French and I know the absolute basics for Italian and I know a tiny bit of Spanish. I live with my dog Ninja my sister and both of my parents.

My favorite sport is Soccer but for the Europeans its football. I play for a soccer team and we have been doing pretty well lately. Don’t get me wrong I like many other sports but soccer is my favorite. I think my favorite food is tacos because I like how you can dress them how you want and there delicious. I like music and as hobbies I go to my friend’s houses or sometimes talk to them on my Xbox One. My favorite animal is a dog and I also like talking about cars. When I grow up I want to play with the pros for soccer and or football.

In my blog you will find reading posts a bit of soccer posts but I’m working on writing more about that and about cars. I have a few huge posts and a few tiny posts. I have a few posts about what I do in my life and those are free writing posts.

10 thoughts on “All About Me

  1. Hello again Jake,
    I wanted you to know that you were the first student to design an avatar and install it on a blog so I’ve given you a “shout-out” on the Bulletin Board at All Things Quebec.
    Keep up the good work,
    Mrs. Theriault

  2. Jake
    I’m Mike your mentor in this Challenge. I must admit to being very impressed by your blog – polar bears included. However, I think….and I mean I think …. I would like to see more of ‘your ability’ in the ‘About Me’ task. Why not include links to your football thoughts in the ‘About Me’ section. I recognise the things you are trying to do …I am attempting to do it myself in a website that I am constructing. Basically I do not think your ‘About Me’ does justice to the rest of your site.


  3. Good afternoon Mr. Farmer,
    I wanted to say hi to my new mentor. I’ll fix up my All About Me and I wanted to say how thankful I am to have you as my mentor. I also wanted to say that site that you’re trying to create sounds very interesting.

  4. Brilliant Jake.
    Your ‘About Me’ section is very much improved ……now for the Avatar! I have also just noticed that Mrs. Theriault hasn’t got an Avatar. Maybe you could persuade her to have a go. For you how about a Ninja image. Keep up the good work.

  5. Jake

    Like Juan you have a great Avatar but you now need to build it into your blog so that when you visit another website and say something your avatar appears, not a grey white image. Look at me I make a statement on your website and my silly magnet appears. How do you do this?
    Go to your ‘Dashboard’ look down it and you see the word ‘Users’. Click on it and you get a dropdown list and on it is the term ‘Your Avatar’. Click on this and then go to Upload New Avatar …choose the file your Avatar is stored in and upload. You might have to crop it …follow instructions and upload.
    Have a go and complain to me if it doesn’t work. I will visit your site in a couple of days to see if it has worked.


  6. Jake
    Your teacher has explained the problem about published avatars. No problem. I think yours is brilliant. Maybe you could use it in the future.The next task was to include the Challenge logo in your website…. make it a holiday task 🙂

  7. Howdy Jake Online! I’m I play american soccer and I am from Texas but moved to Virginia. I love burritos and tacos! I have one puppy named Maggie! She is 19 weeks old. (And a huge handful) Do you have any pets? Comment on my blog!

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