The Breadwinner

breadwinner-coverHey there bloggers today I`ll be writing about a book that I’m reading in English. It’s called The Breadwinner and the author is Deborah Ellis. The book is about a little girl and her family. They’ve been bombed a several amount of times and they’ve gotten poorer and poorer. The little girls name is Parvana and she is kind of treated like a slave at home. Parvana has a dad who is the only one who can since bad people are ruling her country Afghanistan. The bad people made it so that only guys can work and girls have to stay home can not go to school and where a certain thing. Parvana is the only girl who leaves her house because she needs to bring her dad to work. The dad lost his leg in a bombing at the school he used to teach. Parvana has to always get the water do chores not go to what she like which is school. Parvana parents had gone to university so they new what most people didn’t. The whole family used to live in a big house were they each had there own room they had a television, a car, and a refrigerator. Now they live in a broken building with nearly nothing.

Image Source:  Amazon  Deborah Ellis