The Breadwinner

breadwinner-coverHey there bloggers today I`ll be writing about a book that I’m reading in English. It’s called The Breadwinner and the author is Deborah Ellis. The book is about a little girl and her family. They’ve been bombed a several amount of times and they’ve gotten poorer and poorer. The little girls name is Parvana and she is kind of treated like a slave at home. Parvana has a dad who is the only one who can since bad people are ruling her country Afghanistan. The bad people made it so that only guys can work and girls have to stay home can not go to school and where a certain thing. Parvana is the only girl who leaves her house because she needs to bring her dad to work. The dad lost his leg in a bombing at the school he used to teach. Parvana has to always get the water do chores not go to what she like which is school. Parvana parents had gone to university so they new what most people didn’t. The whole family used to live in a big house were they each had there own room they had a television, a car, and a refrigerator. Now they live in a broken building with nearly nothing.

Image Source:  Amazon  Deborah Ellis

My Favorite Christmas Movies

MV5BMTUzMzg4MTg2M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwNDM4OTk4__V1_SX640_SY720_Alright if you’ve read my other blog post about Christmas this is the last one. So just hang in there.

This is probably my favorite part of Christmas because I get to do something I love which is watch movies. I always look forward to watch all the home alone because there so funny it’s about a big family that always goes on a trip on Christmas but they always forget their son. The first one they forget their son at home, the second time they lose their son in an airport and the son goes to New York while the family goes to Florida. There’s a third one which isn’t interesting so I’ll skip the description. Continue reading

My Homemade Chocolate Calendar

51TCdAcyK2LHey there now if you read my recent post I said this would be doing Christmas posts and this one is about my chocolate calender.

One of my favorite things about Christmas is the countdown it’s just so fun for the suspense and the waiting keeps you busy. Normally kids go buy their own chocolate calendar but my mom makes a homemade calendar yup that’s right a homemade chocolate calendar. I personally think there’s better chocolate in homemade than store bought because my mom puts different chocolate. Continue reading

Where Do You Go For Christmas?

2181287_origHey there bloggers now since it’s almost Christmas I’m making some blog posts on how Christmas works at my house and what we do and other stuff. This ones about where I go for Christmas.

Normally with my family we go to my grandparents for Christmas Eve and we have our cousins come over too. Now my grandparents are Italian so yeah we eat Italian food. Continue reading

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

untitledHey there bloggers I’m doing Christmas posts and this one is about my Christmas tree.

At my house we have a fake tree because it makes it easier for us I mean no watering it, no taking care of it, it makes no mess no, making sure it’s dead and the a fake tree doesn’t cost as much as a real tree. I think my uncle is the only one who has a real tree for Christmas. My sister, my mom, my dad and I all decorate the tree. We wrap it up in lights then we put ornaments like bows, gold and red Christmas balls, some fancy ones and we put homemade Christmas ornaments. Continue reading