Jake’s Wrap Up

maxresdefaultHey there bloggers this might as well be my last post and today I’ll be talking about how I have improved with blogging and I will talk about my blog itself.

First I will talk about content so pretty much what I have on my blog, what you can find and other stuff. Firstly I have four Christmas posts all about Christmas and what not, I have around eight blog prompts which are pretty much what I was signed to do like for example one of my favorite blog prompts are my dream home because I got to invent whatever I wanted, next I have one blog post called Lest We Forget and it`s a story I made about world war two which I actually had fun with. I also have reading posts which were about books that I would have to read weekly to talk about and to be honest I did not enjoy doing that so much so I kind of stopped doing them after five weeks or so and lastly my other posts are mainly free write which is what I love to do because I get to write about anything I want. I think I have improved in writing with my blog because I used to never write as much as I do now, I think I’ve started to type faster and I’m proud to say that I know how to type without looking at the keyboard but then I don`t type as fast. Continue reading

The Ouija Board

untitledWhich old game scares you the most, or which old board games scare you the most, for me an old scary game is the Ouija board and not only that it interests me.

The Ouija board also known as a spirit board or talking board. It’s a flat board marked with the letters of the alphabet, the numbers 0–9, the words yes, no, hello (occasionally), and goodbye, along with various symbols and graphics. The Ouija board made its appearance in 1890 but only really became famous in the 1900’s. Normally people use it to call spirits but it is controversial because people say it works and some say it’s just a trick but I think it is real because from what I’ve seen and heard, you can really call spirits and get messages. I once saw a video were after calling a spirit the people were cursed and with all the clues and evidence it sounds pretty real to me.

My grandmother use to have a Ouija board when she was young but her mother didn’t want it in the house because she believed the Ouija board was a curse and that if the Ouija board is in the house, the house will be cursed. My grandmother isn’t scared of spirits because she tells me she’s already seen some or talked to one and my grandmother gets signs like sometimes she’s feeling down and is all alone and then she can hear her mother talking to her. But other than that this is my Ouija board post and please leave in the comments if yes you do believe in the Ouija board or no. And please feel free to leave in the comments why you do believe in the Ouija or why you don’t believe in the Ouija board.

Image Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/scriptingnews/3418293087  from: Flickr  and by: Dave Winer


The New Maurice Richard

Facing Off by Ken DanbyEver heard of the legend, the reason why the Montreal Canadians won their 15th Stanley cup, well I did and it all started at Sike street in an ordinary neighborhood with a kid passionate about hockey. “Go Habs go, go Habs go.” Timmy shouted as Maurice Richard took a daring shot towards the net. Timmy loved hockey but never really tried playing it because he was scared Continue reading

The Fastest Person In The World

hqdefaultHey there bloggers today ill be writing about if I had a super power, what would it be and why would I want it.

First things first if I had a super power it would be the fastest person in the world like the super hero Flash. If you don’t know who the Flash is, well he is the fastest man alive able to run at around 800 hundred km a mile and if I do say so myself that is pretty fast mind you he got struck by lightning and that is how he got his super powers. Continue reading